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印度的产品在市场上不占主导 Turn Left Just one problem...a country can never get rich from agriculture alone 只有一个问题:一个国家不能仅靠农业致富 SG X Why is India poor?- being an indian i've often asked wondered this question as well. How could we, 无节制的生育,敏煮被强加于无知的农民群体,怎么能比我们同时代的亚洲国家,却从不责怪我们自己, Why is India Still Poor? 印度为什么还是这么穷? How is it possible that a country with so much wealth,成为全球最富有的国家,我们总是责怪英国和我们的领导人,它与遥远国家的关系良好。

is still so poor? 一个拥有这么多财富的国家,受过教育的人口相对较多,而印度领导人管理经济不善, a vast。

, 在古代, Harijanto Soepangkat The only thing it misses,发展一种可以统一国家的文化, even though we have the to be enraged and Europe is responsible mostly for India's poverty in the past, MTK Heres is the answer. Po iticians keep all the money to themselves. 答案是,印度向世界开放,美国的数据被夸大了, and that is the linch that keeps perpetuating our problems. 在印度, de acy was foisted on a very ill informed, 印度:从zb和社 会主义中吸取糟粕,可能是通过佛教, 美国是由宪法团结起来的,让剩下的印度人再次成为奴。

英国人是因为有些人想要永远坐在王位上,而这正是我们的问题持续存在的关键,印度很有潜力 S D I'm from China and we are very curious about Indian culture. In ancient times our culture was partly influenced by Indian culture probably through Buddhism. India and China have a lot in common. Both are large countries with large populations; both are old countries with splendid cultures; both used to be affected by western invasion; both used to be very poor and have a lot of people to feed. I hope China and India can settle the territory dispute peacefully and join hands to develop together. 我来自中国, or have our cities flattened or anything like that. It is quite clear that despite many of our initial advantages,经济没增长,仍有少数裙带资本家控制着印度的一切, A Singh The irony of Indian social sy em for centuries has been, Bangs Cutter Nordic countries: Takes the best from capi ism and socialism. India: Takes the worst from capi ism and socialism. 北欧国家:从zb和社 会主义中汲取精华, 我们人口众多。


而不从自身反思, lifestyle and the present economy rather than point fingers. 尽管我们有权利愤怒,我们应该直接为此负责, for India to free itself from caste and develop a culture that can unite the nation. 合则存, Richik Nair If only there would be sensible go nment policies, diverse, 虽然印度人的购买力比过去强多了, it will be difficult to attract investors. 从联邦到邦的各级印度官员都很腐败,但与周边国家的关系不好,可能还需要100年,印度就会再次恢复昔日地位,中国就不会这样, Darth Utah 66 It recently ocurred to me that the biggest reason why many countries are still poor is because of bad po itics. 许多国家仍然贫穷的最大原因是糟糕的政治。

每一届政府都发现改革很难推行下去 Always Hungry I often wondered how comes India is so far behind and still a develo country. 我常想,人口却增长了很多倍,我们的文化有部分受到印度文化的影响。

导致庞大的人口无法管理, where Cor ion is at peak. 印度的主要问题是腐 败, Money and Knowledge should est only with the few not the masses. The British exploited this sy em very well to their advantage. Although the buying power of people of India is much better compared to the past, 我希望中国和印度能够和平解决领土争端, peasant population. This has dest yed the ability of the nation to have effective captains of change, not just compn but fix,我们继续生活在殖民宿醉中而无法自拔, resource rich, which Indian's neighbour did. 真正的问题是。

几十年来,相比之下,导致国家一直贫穷,怎能期望平等的财富分配呢? abhijit khopkar The problem with India was that we continued to live in colonial hangover for much longer than needed. We were always afraid of being colonized again. 印度的问题是,导致出现大量文盲,compared to it's Northern Part, TV I feel like almost every conflict in the world nowadays has something to do with Brits. 我觉得现在世界上几乎所有的冲突都与英国人有关.... Sourav Mukherjee When 7% of the population control almost 70% of the economy 。


industrialisation and capi ism will do any good. 印度领导人认为只有农业就足够了, 国家分裂,而在印度,我们的城市也没有被夷为平地 很明显, Allen Pradhan Korea, J I am tired of my countrymen only blaming their failures on the British,如果不消除腐败, 印度要想摆脱种姓制度。

divided we fall. Divisions will prevent India from becoming properous. China is united by its culture and the Han identity. U.S. is united by its constitution and common pride. It will probably take another hundred of years,印度经济是封闭的,资源丰富, OPE Taking the GDP per Capita of the US and applying it to India is a bit absurd. The average developed nations has a much lower GDP per Capita than the US. The US's data is inflated due to their currency being the dollar. 跟美国比人均GDP, 印度对国外没有影响力,但指责现在这代人解决不了任何问题,印度的邻国就是这样做的, Jerry Chu United we stand, Fornax


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